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Where a locality has no Federal Electorate, it is a generic region name. Choose one of the Other Locality(s) found in the region to identify the Federal Electorate.

Note: In some cases a locality/suburb or postcode may be in more than one federal electorate. If this is the case, please contact the AEC to confirm which federal electorate you live in.

NSWADAMSTOWN HEIGHTS2289ShortlandShortland 
NSWBELMONT NORTH2280ShortlandShortland 
NSWBELMONT SOUTH2280ShortlandShortland 
NSWBENNETTS GREEN2290ShortlandShortland 
NSWBUDGEWOI PENINSULA2262ShortlandShortland 
NSWBUFF POINT2262ShortlandShortland 
NSWCAMS WHARF2281ShortlandShortland 
NSWCARDIFF HEIGHTS2285ShortlandShortland 
NSWCARDIFF SOUTH2285ShortlandShortland 
NSWCATHERINE HILL BAY2281ShortlandShortland 
NSWCAVES BEACH2281ShortlandShortland 
NSWCHAIN VALLEY BAY2259ShortlandShortland 
NSWCRANGAN BAY2259ShortlandShortland 

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This page last updated  11 February 2016